Black is not sad… Black it is poetic.


1. T By Alexander Wang // 2. Lanvin // 3. The Kooples // 4. BLK DNM // 5. Selected // 6. Saint Laurent // 7. Gucci // 8. IRO

Black is definitely a word to describe my style, it’s one my absolute favorite colours and many others. I put together a few  that will definitely boost your wardrobe, I, myself own quite many of these. Having an all black outfit is definitely very cool, but sometimes people do not know how to assemble the different tones and pieces together, which can often look like a hot mess. It is very important put together pieces that complements each other. I have put some “basic” items that definitely would blend together very well.

New chapter….New directions


Hi guys!

I’m finally back after a very long time. I encountered a very busy time with school hence being a senior. However, I am definitely back, with a whole new idea for my blog. I became very tired of joining the mainstream trend of being a lifestyle blogger that was all about showing new purchases and adventures in the personal life. So i decided to pursue another path, where I hopefully can differentiate myself from every blogger. I decided to dedicate this blog fully to fashion with no private involvement into it, meaning that I will not not be sharing anything from my daily life. This will strictly be fashion oriented, which will hopefully keep it interesting. I will however not delete my prior posts, due to the fact that I don’t feel ready to delete almost two years of blogging, so these will still be available but I will in due time delete them.

I really hope that you guys will continue to read my blog, with exiting new posts all about fashion xx

Copenhagen Fashion Week

IMG_5917_Fotor_Collage_FotorI got this incredible opportunity of working at Copenhagen Fashion Week, which is a quite rare job to get. Not knowing what it was going to be like, preparing myself to behave professionally around designer and really important people. – Three of the best days of my life to be honest, I had such a fun work environment, sweet bosses and co-workers, the best of all was being surrounded by this fashion world for three whole days. I got to see three beautiful runway shows in the city hall, which you will get to see later on in the blog, and one preview collection of Max Jenny. I met so many incredible people from all over the world, from designers to bloggers to photographers. I actually did get my picture taken all three days, by amazing photographers from Berlingske, GQ and some other magazine. It really was such an amazing experience, also being able to see inside the City Hall for the first time. It is definitely not the last I’ll be doing this.

Dressed in black


I’ve been dreaming about this shirt, ever since I saw natty wearing it on stage back in June. I’ve never really been lucky in finding shirts that are not see through and very laid back, until I saw this beauty. I was very familiar with the brand before I knew Matty practically bought the whole store (his famous floral shirt is of same brand). The Kooples, a french designer brand is one of my absolute favorite brands, is expressed such enriched taste of quality and color as well as edginess. I was so overwhelmed by the amazing delivery, beautiful package with a lot of fancy stuff included in it, they truly know how to keep a customer satisfied. – I apologies if the shirt is not very clear to see, I will take more photos wearing it and definitely put it up here. 

Style icons


I would definitely say that these two are the definition of my style, they are a major inspiration of my selection of brands and clothes. I could call them like my fashion gurus. If any of you do not recognize them, the guy is Matthew (Matty) Healy the lead singer of The 1975, and the girl is Kylie Jenner a member of the Kardashian/Jenner family. They have both a very similar style but yet so different. The esthetic is very much the same with only dark colors, black, white and grey, but occasionally bright colors can lift up the look a bit more. It is brands such as Alexander Wang, The Kooples, The Row, Saint Laurent, Rag and Bone, Rick Owens and Prada that plays a role in their style.

interior design

tumblr_muanvvVWvT1qk21cfo1_500_Fotor_Collage tumblr_muanvvVWvT1qk21cfo1_500_Fotor_Collmage

the interior display is the essential part to making a place home, whatever our definition of home might be. It definitely says a lot about the people living there, and the way they choose to present themselves. Since I live and breath for art and creativity, interior design is definitely very important me. I would love my home to be an adventure, in the sense of artistic pieces and story telling items, in contrast it has to be minimalistic as well. I adore the scandinavian minimalism, but with a twist of cozy dark aesthetic.

Olivier Rousteing (Balmain)


Olivier Rousteing is the creative director of Balmain, one thing I really can’t wrap my head around, is that he is only 27 years old, 27!! He was around 25 when he got the position as the creative director and only 23 when he started working at Balmain, right after he spent five years at Roberto Cavalli. This is definitely very rare that such a young designer get a chance to have the highest position, at such a powerful brand. I must admit that I was not very familiar with Balmain when Christopher Decarnin was the creative director, but looking at previous collection I really admire what Olivier has brought to the brand. While still maintaining Decarnin’s signature elements, Olivier has recreated the shoulder pads with a more edgier cut and the studded dresses adding a more architectural approach, his pieces are art that is so admirable. He is a huge inspiration to me, because it shows that anything you set your mind to is possible, he aimed for the stars at only 18 and it became a very damn good investment. Imagine being at one of the most powerful brands at such a young age, it is truly amazing.

After looking deeper into the brand, I’ve fallen in love with everything they stand for. I love the concept of military look with edgy tailoring and the architectural touch to it. Every Balmain piece is art. The funny thing is that I have always admired Michael Jackson’s sense of style and definitely the latest years of his life with all the amazing jackets that he wore, and to only find out that they of course are by Balmain. Both Christopher and Olivier have had MJ as an huge inspiration because of his style back in the 80s and 90s, and they have added that style to their collection which is definitely noticeable.

The color black


Today’s color of fashion, black color is commonly associated with elegance, sobriety, dignity, luxury, authority and power. Black is not a color of presence but rather absence, adding black to the outfit changes the tone and not its hue. A lot of people have began to appreciate the color since it is very figure flattering and creates a certain look. Since I was 13 I always wore black, but simply did not understand how to use it properly so it did not come of as sad and depressing. I therefore began to despise wearing black and sadly most of my closet consisted of that color, and it led to force myself to other bright colors. A year ago I established a new found love for black, and as I began to understand how to style myself in all black so it looked good, I became more and more appreciative of the color. I found out how to created tones of black to an outfit for it to look amazing, and to layer it as well. I understood the beauty of black, and it has now become my favorite color again. It fits every skin tone, every occasion and every style. As the quote above, it is the shape and tailoring that makes outfit standout, one has to know how to style an outfit with only the color of black. Specially expensive fabric of black expresses such a sophisticated look. My wardrobe now mostly consist of black, expensive and leather.